How to troubleshoot canon printer error 5100?

Canon is one of the best printer brands across the globe. Brimming with phenomenal features at an economical rate along with stylish designs makes it the top choice for people looking for good printers. It is well established that Canon printers are top class, nonetheless, owing to some unforeseen causes, printers may run into errors. One such banal error is Canon error 5100.

Canon error 5100 printers can result from a gamut of causes, which include cartilage errors, paper jams, alien objects, etc. The good part about this glitch is that it can be resolved by adopting a few steps. If you are seeking ways to fix this issue, you are at the right place. Given below are steps that are efficient in overhauling this error.

Fix The Canon Printer Error 5100

The procedures to fix this glitch are as follows:

Inspect any paper jam

Paper jam is one of the most prevalent causes that result in error 5100 or canon printer in an error state issue. To fix this problem, simply open the printer and carefully check all the hardware. If you find any bits of paper, carefully remove it, close the printer, and restart it. Also, ensure that you check all nooks and corners for any paper jams. If you need assistance with this procedure, feel free to dial our canon printer support number.

Verify the installation of the cartridges

Faulty installation of the cartridges results in this issue. So to strike off this cause, remove the cartridges and reinstall it. If this was the cause of the 5100 Canon error, then re-installing them would overhaul the issue.

Reset the printer

Resetting the printer is an effective way of fixing various Canon printer errors. To execute this procedure, simply turn off your printer, remove all the cords of the printer, and let it rest for some time. After some time, plug back the cords, and start the printer.

Cleanse the dust particles

When dust particles enter the hardware, it can cause a variety of issues. Turn off the printer and using a soft surface wipe off any dust resting on the components of the printer.

Clean The Printing Strip/Encoder

The printing strip/ encoder is a transparent strip that determines the print operations. If any dust particle enters this strip, it might cause a 5100 error code in the Canon printer. So wipe clean the strip. If you need guidance on it, contact our canon printer customer support number.

Remove any alien object

If any alien object like packing material, paper clips, etc. enters the printer unit, it may cause this error. So carefully inspect for any such component and remove it to resume smooth functioning of Canon printer.

Reset the ink absorber

If the above procedures aren’t very efficacious, you can try resetting the ink absorber.

So, these were some methods to mitigate the Canon 5100 error. In case the issue exists, feel free to dial our canon printer support phone number and talk to an expert for fixing your issues within minutes. I hope this helps!

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