Canon Printer In Error State E31

Are you facing the Canon printer in error state E31. Are you being perturbed by the message code E31 on your display screen of the printer? If yes, you can relax. It is one of the common errors faced by Canon printer users. The good news is that you can simply follow some basic troubleshooting steps to shun this issue.

Comprehensive methods to resolve Canon printer error code E31

The Canon printer error code E31 usually points to the fact that there is some disruption while establishing a connection between the printer and the system. This printer error code can also stem when there are loose connections or there is an inadequate power supply.

Below we shall highlight the easy steps that could be executed for mitigating the Canon printer in an error state issue. A note of caution: If you find some steps baffling or are unsure how to execute them, a safe option is to reach out to the Canon printer support team.

Easy and effective fixes to Canon Printer error state

Follow these simple steps to fix the Canon printer in error state E31 Windows 10

  • As mentioned earlier the E31 error message on the Canon printer usually stems due to loose connections and cables. Confirm whether the connections of the printer are firm. Also, ensure the power cord isn’t damaged. If you find any damaged cords or cables replace them. Lastly, if you spot any loosened connections tighten them.
  • If you are using a wireless printer verify whether the wireless connection is established or not. Make it a point to keep the printer around the modem. If you had changed the user name or password of the network, reconnect the Canon printer to the network.
  • One other underlying cause that might result in Canon printer in error state E13 is obsolete drivers. A rule of thumb is to frequently update the drivers. Not only does this issue emerge because of outdated drivers, but various other printer issues might also result from them. Update the driver by visiting the official website of Canon. If you need some assistance in this step, please feel to reach out to us on our Canon printer customer service number (817) 442-6687.

We talked about how to fix the Canon printer in an error state and we hope you find it useful. In case you need further assistance feel free to reach out to us.

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