How to resolve Canon IR 8500 Driver error?

Canon is a popular choice among users when talked about household and office purposes. No doubt, Canon is a robust printer brand but like every device, it may face issues. One such common printer issue is the Canon printer in an error state. This error can result from drivers as well.

The printer not responding issue can also stem from obsolete Canon IR 8500 driver. If you are battling similar issues, you can take a sigh of relief. This blog shall provide comprehensive ways to mitigate the Canon IR 8500 driver error.

Major reasons for canon printer in error state | Driver error

While executing any painting job, you might face the Canon printer not responding issue or in error state issue. This error usually stems when in between a print task. The prevalent causes for this error include:

  • Error in the print spooler
  • Obsolete printer drivers
  • Some flaw in connectivity
  • Poor hardware status
  • Problem in USBs
  • The connectivity points are faulty

These are some common issues of this error. Given below are steps for driver support and ways how to fix this issue.

Tried and tested solution for overhauling Canon printer not responding issue

It is a very annoying experience when you encounter the not responding issue in between a printing operation. Given below are detailed printer troubleshooting steps to mitigate this issue.

Methods to resolve Canon IR 8500 Driver error:-

Method 1: Re-establishing the connections

To resolve this error, check your internet connection. You must inspect whether your printer is in the wi-fi range and is having adequate internet. If using a word connection, ensure the cord is firm. If you suspect any loose connection, try replacing the cord. In the case, you are owning Canon IR 8500 wireless printer, verify whether the printing machine is accurately attached with the router. Try removing all connections and connecting them again. Once you do so, restart the printer after halting for a couple of sections to check whether the issue is resolved or not.

Method 2: Evoke Printer troubleshooting

Windows has an inbuilt troubleshooting wizard that can be executed. To do the same, do as follows:

  • Press Start.
  • In the search menu, type ‘Troubleshooting’.
  • Open that console.
  • Tap on run the troubleshooter option.
  • The console shall start the scanning.
  • Once the scan is over, you can tap the ‘Apply this fix’ option to fix any errors.

Method 3: Update Canon printer driver

Obsolete Canon pointer drivers can cause a variety of issues. It is highly cumbersome to update the drivers frequently. Instead, you can utilize the driver easy software for updating the drivers. To use this wizard, do as follows:

  • From the official website, download the driver setup file.
  • Install the setup by following the on-screen instructions.
  • In the driver, easy wizard, tap the update button.
  • It will search for any updated drivers. If it finds one, tap Update.
  • It shall update canon printer drivers and you shall be able to find a solution to the error IR 8500 issue Canon printer.

In case, any issue persists feel free to reach our Canon printer driver support number. I hope this article helps.

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